The Skinny on Christian William

by Christian William

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This album was written and recorded in Christian's apartment alone in a rural town in Tochigi prefecture in Japan. I hurt my leg which made it difficult to travel. So I sat down and wrote songs and healed. This album at times felt like a novel, or maybe, a 27-minute long postcard. I have been gone, I didn't really see many people on a daily or weekly basis. Such a different kind of isolation and loneliness - not because of sadness - but out of the sheer nature of living in Japan like I have.

The ebb and flow of time felt distorted out here. Time felt adjusted, churned, but a steady stream. Every second stretched and weighted and weathered. A millennium could've passed and I would've not have flinched. But the seconds seemed to stick around for days. The Moon seemed the only constant. The Moon looks much bigger in Japan - and hangs in the sky much longer - glowing brighter and smiling. She gave me comfort and solace. This album would not have been possible without the Moon. Or peanut butter.

Christian would like to thank a lot of people - for without the continued support of his friends and family this album would not have been possible.

A special thanks to: Mom, Dad, Aya, Sebi, T.J., Fifi, Mimi, Lulu, My family is the greatest force in my life that provide insight, support, and love with everything I do.

Watanabe Hiroaki who mixed and mastered the album and drove me back and forth late at night to get this album done, let me borrow countless pieces of gear, and was so kind and professional throughout entire project. The album would not exist without him.

Anna who listened to me struggle and fight with this album for 7 months and gave me nothing but encouragement and support and love and peanut butter cakes and she is truly a gem,

The Moon.

My best friend Austin.

Tom Robinson for the cover photo and all around great guy and travel partner.

My friend and peer Atsuko who without her I would not have survived Japan she is the best.

Yanagisawa Miki who let me borrow her husband's guitar to record the album and is an amazing lady.

Green Tea, Emma Smith who came to my shows and drew posters for me and is a great friend, The Gilbertson Family who gave me so much and have asked for so little in return, Takahashi-sensei, Kawada-sensei, Kedryn, Mahler's Parlor!, Becca, my mini-boss and astute gentlemen Chris, PEANUT BUTTER, Brita, Anita, Earthquakes, Dan Ashley, my job, Horigome, Anja, Molly, Flavia, Lexicon Jr., Jocelyn, Matt Kistler, Angie & Anne, Yuki, Akemi, Jonny, Christine, Claire, Yuki, Stray cats by my house, Alexandra, Robert "Robo" Vaughn, Budgie, Joe M., Joe VB, Kevin, Sakura, Nicole, Matt Biancardi, Stacy, Brittany, Kevin, Tochigi folk


released July 22, 2014

Written and recorded and performed by: Christian William
Mix by: Christian William and Watanabe Hiroaki
Mastered by: Watanabe Hiroaki



all rights reserved


Christian William

Hey this is Christian William and I...ah forget it.

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